It’s not every working day that two of the world’s most inspiring girls in the climate dialogue get to chat about the modify we need to see in the globe.

But that’s exactly what happened very last October at GLF Nairobi 2023: A New Eyesight for Earth, when Ayisha Siddiqa, a young Pakistani American local climate activist and co-founder of Polluters Out, fulfilled veteran Indian scholar, author and food items sovereignty advocate Vandana Shiva.

In case you missed it, you can now re-watch their complete conversation, edited for your pleasure.

Below are six inspiring takeaways from Siddiqa and Shiva’s dialogue. 

1. Adore conquers all

Really like is still the only revenge. It grows just about every time the Earth is set on hearth. But for what it’s worthy of, I’d do this yet again. Gamble on humanity just one hundred occasions in excess of. Dedicate to life unto life, as the trees drop and choose us with them. I’d adhere to really like into extinction.

Ayisha Siddiqa

In front of a group of 744 in Nairobi, Kenya, with 6,600 a lot more signing up for on the net, Siddiqa recited her heartbreaking poem ‘On yet another panel about local climate, they inquire me to sell the upcoming and all I’ve bought is a appreciate poem,’ penned about hope, persistence and love in the experience of the mounting climate disaster.

Photograph: Inês Mateus/GLF

2. Mom Earth is aware what to do

The Earth is residing, and we need to get out of the illusion that she’s just dead subject for extraction and exploitation. She carries the answers.

Vandana Shiva

Our extractive culture has us persuaded that the Earth is a bottomless reservoir of purely natural resources for us to extract infinitely from. Shiva reminds us that the Earth is however alive and has produced the situations for humanity to exist in the initial location.

3. We are each the difficulty and the solution

In our time on earth Earth, we have brought on a good offer more destruction than any species to appear right before us. But at the similar time, since we’re a miracle of a species with the capacity to figure out what difficulties we are building, we also have the capacity to resolve all those complications – at lightning speed, much too.

Ayisha Siddiqa

At the time once more, Siddiqa displays us a route in the direction of hope, emphasizing that it’s not way too late for us to transform our means. We previously know what we are performing erroneous, and now, we basically want to apply what we know to deal with the weather disaster.

Vandana Shiva and Ayisha Siddiqa
Vandana Shiva and Ayisha Siddiqa&#8217s dialogue was broadcast to a are living audience at GLF Nairobi 2023. GLF

4. Be youthful at coronary heart

As a 70-year-outdated, I am a new child every day, keen to discover and go further. We have to be newborns to get out of the dystopia of the monoculture of the intellect that has introduced us to this crisis.

Vandana Shiva

The more mature we expand, the extra we fail to remember how it feels to seem at the entire world with curiosity as a kid does. Shiva reminds us to often be open to studying about the elegance of the entire world that surrounds us – and, in the process, know that we will have to secure biodiversity to help it to defend us.

Vandana Shiva
Photograph: Inês Mateus/GLF

5. Say no to fossil fuels

We will need to end the era of fossil fuels. We have 6 several years to continue to be underneath 1.5 levels of warming. The World South just cannot proliferate oil and gas to catch up with the colonizer’s environment. We want bravery from our governments to say no and put in area steps to guarantee that we as a species can prosper 100 years from now.

Ayisha Siddiqa

In these complicated periods, the choices we make will be pivotal for upcoming generations. Political leaders in the Global South face a problem in between economic progress and tackling the climate disaster, but are the two truly mutually exclusive?

Siddiqa argues that it is time to enjoy the prolonged game – and to have an understanding of that we will have to forgo fossil fuels in the small operate to hold the Earth livable for hundreds of years to come.

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